Monday, June 19, 2006


back to the ol standby P.B.R. plus the sleeping pills i took the night before. i needed the help to sleep but when they kicked in mixed w/ the whiskey it was a pleasant high so i didnt want to go to bed. seing as how it was 8 a.m. i didnt get to bed til almost 10 still drinkin then my drunkover hit me w/ the first couple beers at the studio. yikes!

Paleface-gotta go get fucked up/get off
Ouija radio-whiskey love/last night on earth
Morning 40 federation-jimmy cousins/trick nasty
Queens of the stone age-regular john/ s/t
Specials-concrete jungle/peel sessions
Big chief-map of your failure
Business-spanish jails
Nina hagen-smack love/nunsexmonkrock
Monster magnet-heads explode/god says no
Raging slab-anywhere but here/dynamite monster boogie concert
Exploited-wankers/live in d.c.
Suburbs-goggles on/in combo
Social distortion-mommys lil monster/mommys lil monster
Killing joke-multitudes/nighttime
Assasins of god-virus/black tongue speaks
Messer chups-cat religion/black black magic
Angelic upstarts-last night another soldier
Pocket fishrmen-kill your family/heroes of modern perversion
Breeders-happiness is a warm gun/pod
KILLDOZER-let me put my love into you
Negative approach-dead stop/tied down
Veruca salt-my sharona
Motocaster-pull the plug
Skinny puppy-last call/bite
Naked raygun-potential rapist/basement screams
Zander schloss-salsa y ketchup/straight to hell soundtrack
House of large sizes-tired of feeling good/my ass kicking life

Sunday, June 18, 2006


oh yah dontcha know today was a spotlight on midwest music, and geez did i brainfart a lil! there was a buncha stuff i left out, i coulda done one on minneapolis only. if y'all are stupid or from mars perhaps you'd know that mpls is a hotbed for music, everybody else in the world knows it but youre a fuckin dumbshit! everybody in mpls is in a band but theres not enough places to play. and everything is not just husker du and the replacements- in fact the best of those bands is from their first records, before they SOLD OUT. so i played some extra of the good shit just so ya fuckin know!

Cramps-lets get fucked up(bigdaddy theme)
Suicide commandos-shock appeal/commit suicide dance concert
Suicide commandos-attacking the beat/commit suicide dance concert
Suicide commandos-she/commit suicide dance concert
Curtiss A-assault & battery/courtesy
Renfields-sinister sally/spring heeled jack
Babes in toyland-sweet 69
Replacements-takin a ride/sorry ma i forgot to take out the trash
Replacements-take me down to the hospital/hootenanny
Replacements-kids dont follow-stink
Replacements-dope smokin moron-stink
Midnight evils-terminal haze
NNB-well oh well
Violent femmes-country death song
Die kreuzen-hate me~pain~enemies/cows and beer
Peasants-boy from hell/babies from hell
Brenda-shit job/king cox
Husker du-statues/7"
Husker du-in a free land/7"
Husker du-everything falls apart/everything falls apart
Husker du-out on a limb/metal circus
Final conflict-in the family~the lines have faded/ s/t
KILLDOZER-the puppy/12 point buck
KILLDOZER-hamburger martyr/u.w.o.a.u.t.d.o.t.p.
Whiskey sournotes-hardcore porn/gold
Mecht mensch-zombie/acceptance
Trailer park queen-you sleep on the wet spot/wrong side of the 4-track
Cows-heave ho/cunning stunts
phillip roebuck live in the studio today, out of hand one man banjo band!
lets see... what did i do? what was i on? well it was so long ago you expect me to remember? whatever. these days are almost the same anyways. fuck you. fuck me. fuckinthecarinthegaragewiththemotorrunningwhatawaytogobabydoublesuicidedoyoulovemebaby?

Cramps-lets get fucked up
Meat puppets-crazy
Firewater-dark days indeed/man on the burning tightrope
Pong-foot foot/killer lifestyle
101ers-silent telephone
13th floor elevators-youre gonna miss me
Hank III-life of sin
Red elvises-scorchie chornie/six string samurai soundtrack
Richard hell & the voidoids-the plan/blank generation
House of large sizes-lightning rod salesman/ s/t
Alice donut-big cars and blowjobs
Atomic bitchwax-combination
Octopus project-all of the champs that ever lived/onetenhundredthousandmillion
Phillip roebuck-lil bo peep/live in the studio
Phillip roebuck-movement/live in the studio
Screamin jay hawkins-i hear voices
Attic ted-attic ted/bastardized country carnival
Phillip roebuck-jackass blues/fever pitch
Dickies-shadow man
Beasts of bourbon-the hate inside/sour mash
Mojo nixon & skid roper-i aint got no job
Goblin-shopping music/dawn of the dead soundtrack
Ramones-do you remember rock'n'roll radio?/end of the century
KILLDOZER-the pig was cool/u.w.o.a.u.t.d.o.t.p.
P.I.L.-careering/metal box
Tiger lillies-hamsters/farmyard filth
U.K. subs-down on the farm/endangered species
Butthole surfers-sweet loaf

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


today was good ol PBR day! but it didnt work so well. my drunk-over hit me during the show-see i was drunk when i woke up, didnt take til i hit the whiskey later... of course theres the letter FUCK. i hope i've been swearing enough, lemme know if i can do better.... and the list.

Cramps-lets get fucked up
Zero boys-indianapolis/for a fistfull of yen comp.
Dead boys-sonic reducer~all this and more/young loud and snotty
Geezer-departments/black science
Cosmic Psychos-lost cause/go the hack
Adverts-1 chord wonders/crossing the red sea with
KILLDOZER-never gave me a kiss/lil baby buntin'
Peter gabriel-games w/o frontiers/ s/t
Violent femmes-black girls
Aavikko-fyysikot tiedottavat/multi music
Sluglords-signal 30/trails of slime
Kung fu chicken-once blinded/champions of the chromosome abundant
Supersuckers-cowboy song
Bongwater-he loved the weather/too much sleep
4 skins-plastic gangsters
Bongwater-why are we sleeping/too much sleep
Country teasers-it is my duty/satan is real again
Cake-satan is my motor
Cookie mongoloid-c is for cookie/blood & cookies
Secret chiefs 3-assassins blade/first grand constitution & bylaws
Poison idea-pick your king e.p. (12 tracks)
Die kreuzen-fighting/ s/t
Ken nordine-6 commercials in search of a client

the brain must be eliminated! it all started off innocently enough, i recieved a hall pass with my name on it, signed by the principal, to the bad kids club. whats the bad kids club you ask? i wondered that myself. first we went to this girls house to do "raver drugs"- ketamine in particular. my desire for academic experimentation expanded exponentially. so we sat around like dumbasses watched some animation and listened to bad music. not that profound. someone called and invited us to a party so of course we went. soon there was this hot girl putting some liquid on my tongue. "wait, i missed" she said while giving me another squirt. "but you didnt miss" i thought realizing the first just got on my lip. the liquid was of course lsd. but that was not the end. later after tripping for a while i was handed a drink with ghb in it, perhaps cuz i was singing "somebody- put something, somebody please put something in my drink!" of course by this time who the fuck knows what was what. there was just outstanding thoughts- "the brain must be eliminated!" was one. i live my life waiting for the zombie apocalypse then i realized i WAS the zombie apocalypse. then theres the absence of critical thought processes... yes i was going insane. never thought it would happen like this, you can try to sleep but thats when the brain STRIKES!! words i cant pronounce let alone write! stupid brain, gotta go! by and by i realize its almost 4 p.m. and i gotta do my show! FUCK!!! so thats what happened. add valium, beer, whiskey, xanax and some unknown tranquilizer to the list of sponsors for this weeks show and you got the whole bad kids club in the studio on a motherfuckin TEAR!!! you shoulda been there...............

Cramps-lets get fucked up!!!
Alice cooper-welcome to my nightmare/welcome to my nightmare
Devo-swelling itching brain/duty now for the future
Gorillaz-clint eastwood
Crusaders-deepe shyte/middle age rampage
Pixies-where is my mind
Siouxsie & the banshees-dear prudence
La plebe-dirty old town
Graves brothers deluxe-white devils death song
Lubricated goat-nervequake~anal injury/plays the devils music
Clash-career opportunities
Mecht mensch-zombie
Monster magnet-black xmas/dopes to infinity
Murder city devils-boom swagger boom
Social unrest-i love you/rat in a maze
Country teasers-satan is real again
Rose tattoo-chinese dunkirk/assault & battery
Toadies-possum kingdom
Meatmen-i want drugs
Cramps-drug train
Cramps-cant find my mind/psychedelic jungle
Drag queen-let the glitter come down/suprise dead superstar
Pere ubu- non alignment pact/the modern dance
Pere ubu-the modern dance/the modern dance
KILLDOZER-a mother has a hard road to follow/god hears pleas of the innocent

p.s. thanx to reina for being my crutch.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

once again relegated to the indignity of alcohol. i think thats how the BRENDA said it. today back to the old standby tecate, cheap beer thats not cheap here, but it sure is good. FUCK is important too. say it as much as possible, especially when children are around. its fun to swear around children. funner to swear around children when their parents are present. yes, FUNNER is a word now. kids know swearing, i got in a fight my first day of first grade because i said "F-U-C-K-Y" to a 2nd grade kid. then i had a beer. yes FUCKY is a word now. i think i'll start using it again and go get in a fight, tho maybe i'll have the beer first. heres the list.

Paleface-g.g.f.u./get off
Pocket fishrmen-we kill evil/future gods of rock
Bongwater-junior/power of pussy
Business-drinking and driving~hurry up harry/singalongabusiness
Operation ivy-junkies runnin dry/ s/t
Plan 9-step out of time/dealing with the dead
Helios creed-lactating purple/lactating purple
Fluf-no one really cares
Deadbolt-patches the clown/zulu death mask
Red elvises-boogie on the beach/6 string samurai soundtrack
Skulls-shot down in flames/for those about to rawk
Pine box boys-56 ar./arkansas killing time
Banjo & sullivan-killer on the lam/the ultimate collection 1972-1978
Beasts of bourbon-evil ruby/the axemans jazz
Nebula-i need somebody/to the center
David bowie-running gun blues/man who sold the world
Danzig-twist o' cain/ s/t
Hamms beer
Butthole surfers-moving to florida
Moral crux-waiting for a bomb
Nick cave and the bad seeds-stagger lee/murder ballads
Angelic upstarts-soldier/brighton bomb
Cop shoot cop-it only hurts/release
Meteors-speedfreak/meteors vs. the world
Jeff stryker-pop you in the pooper
Sonic youth-100%/dirty
Dr. know-plug in jesus/this island earth
KILLDOZER-new pants and shirt/12 point buck
holy shit i'm STILL high from yesterday, so today is once again sponsored by marijuana of the medical variety. also by the word FUCK. here i notice i forgot to play KILLDOZER. i mustve been high... is that an excuse? "i mustve been high", tho my friends use it all the time. fuckin stoners... i very seldomly smoke weed so when i do i get incredibly high, especially w/ high grade shit. henceforth i smoked for a few days and i was high a few more... duh. also heres another theme song. which do i use? both? i'll make up for the killdozer incident, promise.

Cramps-lets get fucked up
Paleface-gotta go get fucked up/get off
Wayne kramer-edge of the switchblade/the hard stuff
Anthrax-packaged rebellion
Meatmen-i want drugs
L7-shove/smell the magic
Voodoo glow skulls-dogpile
Bad brains-supertouch~shitfit/attitude(roir sessions)
Ween-take me away/chocolate & cheese
Big boys-which way to go/fat elvis
Kanada-dear ragnheiour/ s/t
Bleach-sun dance moon dance/ s/t
Rudimentary peni-horrors in the museum/cacophony
Jailbirds-what should i do
Eugene chadbourne & evan johns-drink when theyre young/terror has some strange kinfolk
Pocket fishrmen-everything is boring to me/future gods of rock
Alice cooper-cold ethyl/welcome to my nightmare
Country teasers-only my saviour/pastoral not rustic
Vibrators-london girls/pure mania
Cradle of filth-mr.crowley
Negative approach-dead stop/total recall
Circle jerks-fortunate son
Helios creed-got to have someone
Craig carmean-dirty sanchez
Devo-auto modown/hardcore devo vol1
Dickies-goin homo/second coming
Heroine sheiks-effity eff
Monster magnet-evil is going on/superjudge
Agent orange-bloodstains
skip a week here, skip a week there, filling in for stinkytown. missed last week due to me being at the coachella music fest, look on piratecat site for a review of said sad show. this show was sponsored by marijuana, the medicinal type, and holy shit was i high! the weed they got now days has a name rather than a location and fuckin a!!! lets just say i fucked up a number of times, missed a few cues etc. it might not have been brought to you by the letter FUCK cuz i might have been too high to remember to swear, which is usually NOT the case. this show i also debuted a potential theme song (see list).

Cramps-lets get fucked up
Barry adamsons moss side story-under wraps
Beasts of bourbon-you let me down/black milk
Zero boys-high time/vicious circle
Roadsaw-black flower/nationwide
Blue oyster cult-black blade/cultosaurus erectus
Atomic bitchwax-if i had a gun
Blast-fuckin with my head/the power of expression
Squirrelbait-sun god/ s/t
Celtic frost-into the crypt of rays/morbid tales
Budgie-napoleon bona part 1&2/bandolier
Traits-high on a cloud/garage punk unknowns pt 2
Lubricated goat-lullaby/psychedelicatessen
Cheeck & chong-earache my eye
Falcons-shadowland/beyond the beach
Jody fosters army-baja/valley of the yakes
Ramones-endless vacation/too tough to die
Mark d-el morocco/the silent treatment
Orange goblin-orange goblin
Los ultrsonicas-dulce hoja/yo fui una adolescente terrosatanica
Hanoi rocks-back to mystery city/back to mystery city
KILLDOZER-knuckles the dog/u.w.o.a.u.t.d.o.y.p.
Assasins of god-egg of doom
Captain beefheart-observatory crest/bluejeans & moonbeams
and in the background....DUDE MAN FUCK-holy shit am i high vol 1

Sunday, April 23, 2006

todays show was STILL sponsored by oxycontin time release, cuz i was STILL high from the day before, and by the letter FUCK. i featured singles today, that is 7"s. i brought my collection of singles in today that i dont get to play that often. when i say "collection" it does not mean that i am a record collector, though i have alot of records, its just that record collectors SUCK. "record collectors are pretentious assholes" to quote poison idea. you ever try to get a record collector to record something for you? "what'll you trade for it?" fuck you, prick! speaking of record collectors, i have for sale the original pressing of the BAD BRAINS first single, pay to cum b/w stay close to me, NOT THE REISSUE! wanna trade something for it? jus keeding fucker. it is for sale for a large amount, several hundred dollars at least, make me an offer. oh yeah, also for sale is the ZERO BOYS lp "vicious circle" 1st pressing on nimrod records, also for several hundred dollars. I AM NOT A RECORD COLLECTOR!

Blast-schools out
Camarosmith-its alright/ s/t
Roky erickson-creature with the atom brain/love to see you bleed
Adam west-swalbr
Cosmic psychos-dead roo/blokes you can trust
Angels-finger on the trigger
Cop shoot cop-everyone loves you/ask questions later
Articles of faith-wait
Fu manchu-module overload/eatin' dust
Revels-its party time/intoxica!
Bad Brains-stay close to me
Hellacopters-long gone losers/disappointment blues
Cramps-i aint nothin but a gorehound
Juicifer-amplifier/i name you destroyer
Crass-big a little a
Deadbolt-the day i got my spine back/tijuana hit squad
KILLDOZER-turkey shoot/u.w.o.a.u.t.d.o.t.p.
45 grave-wax
Sugarsmack-zsa zsa/ s/t
Drugstore-el presidente/white magic for lovers
Teenage head-lets shake
Beasts of bourbon-goodbye friends/the low road
Gang green-sold out
Jesus fucking christ-track 4 demo
Wayne kramer-ramblin rose
Falcons-shadowland/beyond the beach
Snakefinger-man in the dark sedan
House of large sizes-tired of feeling good/my ass kicking life
White zombie-super charger heaven/astro creep 2000
Zero boys-bloods good
Nebula-do it now/charged
today i am filling in for pixie, but it is still my show, i am still getting fucked up! todays show was sponsored by oxycontin and by the letter FUCK.

Melvins-the bit/stag
Big boys-were not in it to lose/fat elvis
Tv on the radio-bicycles are red hot
Frank black and the catholics-velvety/devils workshop
Mighty mighty bosstones-awfully quiet/more noise & other disturbances
Misfits-where eagles dare/static age
Scene killer-back of my mind/ s/t
Pogues-cotton fields/peace & love
Iggy-riding in the death car
Tuxedomoon-heard it through the grapevine
Morphine-you look like rain/good
Ramones-journey to the center of the mind/acid eaters
Motorhead-beer drinkers & hellraisers
Meat puppets-cayenne/too high to die
Groovie ghoulies-the blob
Todd rundgren-i dont want to work
Naked city-batman/ s/t
KILLDOZER-the puppy/lil baby buntin'
Mojo nixon & skid roper-jesus at mcdonalds/ s/t
Firewater-hey bulldog/songs we should have written
Red hot chili peppers-no chump love sucker
Bongwater-over the credit line/the big sell-out
Voodoo gearshift-surf my ass/glue goat
Big black-cables/atomizer
Peter wells-rock'n'roll outlaw/everything you like tries to kill you
Fall-marquis cha cha
That dog-did you ever

Friday, April 21, 2006

after a brief spring break extravaganza in terre haute, indiana i am back this week w/ miller high life. 2 40's of low life got me pretty buzzed FAST. i drink fast, sometimes i drink a 40 as fast as someone else drinks a regular beer, i guess i just need more more more.... check out my review of terre haute on the piratecat website in "reviews". its actually not a scene report, i reviewed a whole city just cuz i could. todays show was also once again brought to you by the letter FUCK. i think i need to make a conscious effort to swear more..... blah blah blah heres the song list.

Pocket fishrmen-go out smoking/future gods of rock
Morning 40 federation-frankies got bald head/you my brother
JFA-mad garden/mad garden
Clash-bankrobber/black market clash
Country teasers-satan is real again/satan is real again
Cows-39 lashes/sexy pee story
Flipper-way of the world/generic flipper
Devo-gates of steel/freedom of choice
Paleface-smoke/get off
Go to hells-rock'n'roll america/rock'n'roll america
Storm-great day/the calm years
Dead kennedys-riot/plastic surgery disasters
Quixotic-lord of this world/mortal mirror
Butthole surfers-who was in my room/independent worm saloon
Omega tribe-nature wonder/bullshit detector 2
suspects-random relations/bullshit detector 2
Squirrelbait-kick the cat/skag heaven
KILLDOZER-big song of hell/god hears pleas of the innocent
Gary numan and tubeway army-are friends electric?/replicas
Meatmen-cadaver class/war of the superbikes
P.S. find humor thru amorals and you will happy be

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

St. Stupids Day! yes, a religious holiday for us! this holiday was sponsored in part by oxycontin, and also by the letter FUCK. holy high ass bigdaddy! that time release oxy had me high for more than 2 days! no pain in my arm! its so nice these pharmaceutical companies keep sending me samples, thanks to the oxycontin labs in fairlawn, new jersey. well first april fools on me was the reported death of cyndi lauper, that i believed and reported on the air. she's not dead. not according to her website or "dead or alive". unless they are so upset they havent updated yet. leave it to a caller to correct me, hey, i'm not a "reporter", i dont have to research this shit! so i will continue bringing you rumors and hearsay, feel free to give me any "tips".
OK, the phone sex on the air thing didnt work out too well, but i'm not giving up yet! how about you callers calling in w/ a little arousing ramble? you might even win tickets! i dont know to what yet but i'll figure something out. this sat. the 8th i will not be on the air so you needn't try then, save it up for the 15th, plus if you try it this sat. my fill-in will probably beat the shit out of you, she could do it over the phone no less! what else, oh yeah, the list:

Naked raygun-rat patrol/throb throb
Attic ted-attic ted/bastardized country carnival
Frantix-my dads a fuckin alcoholic/my dads a fuckin alcoholic
Bad brains-intro~i against i/i against i
Famous monsters-destroy puny earthlings/in the night!!!
Meteors-my daddy is a vampire/teenagers from outer space
Mojo nixon jello biafra-are you drinkin with me jesus/prairie home invasion
Cyndi lauper-she bop
Queens of the stone age-regular john/ s/t
Beasts of bourbon-you let me down/black milk
D.O.A.-liar for hire/war on 45
Renfields-baby duster/spring-heeled jack
Lyres-help you ann/on fyre
Chrome-zombie warfare(cant let you down)/half machine lip moves alien soundtrack
Jesus lizard-thumper/shot
Red scare-last request/and then there were none
Dickies-goin homo/second coming
Ween-homo rainbow
Dr. know-god told me to/plug in jesus
Drag queen-surprise dead superstar/surprise dead superstar
KILLDOZER-hamburger martyr/U.W.O.A.U.T.D.O.T.P.
Cramps-t.v.set/songs the lord taught us
Vibrators-rocker/for those about to rawk
L7-slide/bricks r heavy
Effigies-haunted town/haunted town
Jesus fucking christ-track 2/demo
Los ultrasonicas-monstruo verde/yo fui una adolescente terrosatanica
Moldy peaches-whos got the crack
Skinny puppy-200 years/mind the perpetual intercourse
Secret chiefs 3-bare faced bazi/first grand constitution and bylaws
Motocaster-motorolla blues/ s/t

p.s. i'm a dude-tool of the goddamn devil!